A multimedia landscape that reimagines an accessible and covid distanced queer club space. A solo performer sits in a chair in a club space with live projections of Zoom participants dancing onto their body. We  invite all kinds queer selves to dance along with a simple full body feel good score, or free style however the music moves you. 
A virtual queer club space with live dancers and projections in a queer club, and audience participation online. 
Premiered via the Phoenix Art Museum on April 19, 2021@ 5pm PST/8pm EST
Project developed via Advanced Media Design Class at Arizona State University with the support of professors Max Bernstein and Farid Karimi, and Industry PHX.
Dance along with us! Instructions and sample videos below. Send yours in anytime :)
Optional 1: Chair Dance Choreography (For those that like direction).
Option 2: Freestyle in the chair however you want.
Pick 1 body part and begin to move it really  slowly 1x for 8 counts (or count to your own beat of 8)
Dip your head down and roll it in a circle from left to right
Roll your shoulders back 2x (8 counts)
Move sharply different body parts (8 counts)
Circle your hips really slowly and sensually as if you are seducing the chair
Shake your hips/butt/whole body for 8 counts 
Stop for a dramatic pause of 8 counts
Step touch your left foot and then your right foot for 8 counts
Move your knees however they feel free for 8 counts
Point your left index finger out in front of you and scan the horizon and then flex your biceps to feel your strength (8 counts)
Punch the oppression away for 8 counts
Make a V-shaped blade with your arms criss crossing at the wrists, palms facing down, and then slice the absurdity away as you open your arms wide for 8 counts
Conduct positive energy into the space for 8 counts
Do whatever your body needs to channel that positive energy through to your chair for 8+ counts to an ending. A dramatic final pause to conclude is highly recommended.

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