Ri Lindegren
embodied, performance, and user-centered design

My name is Ri (like whee with an R) and I am a videographer, multimedia and creative consultant, and a University educator by trade and a dancer, yoga practitioner, and media maven by passion.

My passion is bringing conscious awareness of movement into interactions with technology, spaces, and people.

Basically, I enjoy choreographing logistics, solving spatial puzzles, and reading the emotions and internal workings of the people in a room. 

What kind of work do you really do then?

Glad you asked! 
I work across the arts, with performers, nonprofits, educational institutions, and small businesses to understand how they want to be seen and best practices for integrating technology into their online presence, live events, shows, and installations.
I am obsessed with trying to rethink how inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (i.d.e.a.) can be remixed and uplifted into the technological and performance spheres.