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At the core of all of my creative investigations is the concept of connection - to people, to ideas, to bodies, to places, to history, to memory, to privilege, to power, to empathy, and to understanding. 
How do we find meaningful points of intersection? How do we transform? Where do we grow? How do we become? 
The skeleton of my artistic structure is upheld by embodied and technological mediums of expression, most frequently in the forms of dance film, sonic landscapes, interactive installations, wearables, and narrative online platforms. 
My work is a combination of practice-led research and research-led practice. I seek answers to questions through embodied experiences in the studio, or cultivate investigation through intellectual, technological, and academic inquiry outside of the studio, or engage in a cyclical and reciprocal relationship between both practice-led and research-led practices. 
I assemble artwork through both spontaneous and directed exchanges of energy and ideas between people, disciplines, and mediums.
Texture and layering are components of both my creative process and my final products. I create collages of music, sound, tactile objects/materials, and media interwoven with movement and text in virtual and site-specific performances that incorporate somatic experiences and scenographic design. 
Methodologies that highlight social, and historical discourses of power, such as cultural anthropology, feminisms, race and ethnicity studies, and queer theory are inherently embedded in my work. 
As an artist, my driving force is to devise socially-engaged art that reflects tiny pieces of the multitude of lived experiences around me, as well as to fabricate imagined worlds of fiction and survival embodied through movement and the digital lens.
 I value a keen curiosity for knowledge, independent and collaborative research and analysis, community building, skillful technical execution, socially conscious and relevant themes, and imaginative design and composition.

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