Main Cabin & Community Gallery
Landing spot for players to arrive in. Included digital tetris and card games, a shared keyboard to play, and access to the island map and community gallery.

Main Cabin: Closeup

Main Cabin: Overview

Main Cabin: Overview 2

Main Cabin: Play Tetris

Community Gallery Screenshots: archival memories

Community Gallery Screenshots: Altar of the Ancestors (REmalia)

Community Gallery: Note from Malin

Main Cabin: Shared Piano Experience

Community Gallery: Pathways to move through & Instructional Video

Petrified Forest​​​​​​​
Deadwood forest players navigate through to face their fears.
Well of Wisery​​​​​​​
A well of wisdom and wisecracks where many hidden secrets of Rolyrbee Island are hidden, currently through the character Amaranth who is stuck in the well.
Field of Flowers
Playful field to explore. Missing things frequently appear here.
Grand Road of Keys​​​​​​​
A musical road of literal keyboard keys and sometimes clues to other mysteries. Favorite karaoke spot of the Guardians and Amaranth.
Performance Plateau​​​​​​​
A beweled platform stage for dance battles, drag shows, musicals, and all things performative.

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