This project sought to fill a void in LGBTQIA+ digital space caused by individual and collective loss - of life, of community, of movement, and of joy.
BodySleuth Project was created as a MFA Dance and Technology thesis performance. The digital performance explored the creation of queer community and embodied connection through physical  spaces during covid-19. BodySleuth Project is an experiment in prototyping social somatic experiences - discovering the limitations and possibilities for technology to deepen social comaraderie and self awareness through movement. BodySleuth Project is a transmedia dance theater game that incorporates live and pre-recorded performances and real time interactivity across a virtual world. Characters or “Guardians” act as movement guides and story facilitators across the Gather.Town landscape of Rolyrbee Island. Players work together across time zones and geographical space in their own homes to uncover tactile and digital clues and explore their own bodies. Participants occupy a completely queer universe that has been designed for and by an LGBTQIA+ community.
Zayne: Janine Micheletti (v1.0) and Moonyeka (v2.0)
Sienti: Omar Bojorquez (v1.0) and Leah Dubbin-Steckel (v2.0)
Drella: Vladimir Kremenović
Malin: Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham
Remalia: Hans Rasch

Producer/Director/Choreographer: Ri Lindegren
Media Design: Olivia Hernandez
Visual (BodySleuth Box) Design: Kelly Fielder
Game Design: Rosemary Lisa Jones
Performance & Marketing Consultant: Amina Camille
Story Consultant: Kortney Lapeyrolerie
Virtual Stage Manager: Sophia Grasso
Social Media: Coley Curry
Additional Support: Laura Park (sound design), Morgan Boecher (project consultant), Yanett Ramirez (marketing)
Thesis Committee Advisors: Eileen Standley and Jessica Rajko (co-chairs), Jake Pinholster, Lauren Hayes, Grisha Coleman
Funding: Arizona State University (ASU) Dance Department and the ASU Creative Constellation Grant

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